Mold bath bombs

Make Your Own Bath Bombs

Make your own bath bombs at home with this easy recipe! This recipe uses six ingredients, but you can choose to omit the colorant if you prefer.

Ingredients & equipment:

* This recipe makes about 4 bath bombs (depending on the size of your mold cavities)

130g Baking Soda

50g Citric Acid

7g Kaolin clay powder (You can substitute with cornstarch. You can find natural kaolin clay powder at your nearest health shop or pharmacy, i.e. Springbok, Dischem.. )

2ml Olive oil (or other vegetable oil)

12-16 drops Essential oil of your choice (if the essential oil has a strong scent such as Lavender, 12 drops are fine. If you are using a lighter scent like Vanilla, 16 drops is best. You can find essential oils at most health shops or pharmacies, i.e. Springbok, Dischem..)

Pinch of skin-safe powder colorant (optional – don’t use a liquid colorant like food coloring as this will cause the citric acid to fizz!!)

Mold (plastic or silicone molds, but you can use any plastic container found in your home like small yoghurt containers, etc.)

Spray bottle with water


1. Add the baking soda, citric acid, clay, and powder colorant (optional) in a bowl and mix thoroughly until there are no clumps:

Bath Bombs - Mix dry ingredients

2. Add your oils and mix well until the oils are evenly distributed into dry mixture:

3. Spray 1 or 2 sprays into the mixture and immediately mix it in with your fingers. It’s important to mix it in quickly to prevent the citric acid from fizzing. Repeat this step until the mixture can hold it’s shape when pressed together. The mixture should resemble damp sand (not wet!!).

4. Put some of the mixture into your mold and press down firmly. Repeat until the cavity is full, then fill the next cavity:

5. Leave it for about 1 hour, then press down gently on each bath bomb to unmold. Let it sit for a couple of hours to harden more before packaging in cling wrap. (If you would like to give this as a gift, you can package it in a pretty organza bag.)

Bath Bombs - White
Bath Bombs – White