Moringa & Evening Primrose Soap

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Handcrafted soap featuring two moisturising oils: Moringa Seed and Evening Primrose oil. It is not scented with essential oils like our other soaps, which gives it a natural, “earthy” smell. All our handmade soaps are fragrance-free, chemical-free and paraben-free, so it is very gentle on the skin and is not as drying as most commercial soaps! This soap is handmade and cut from a loaf, so every bar will look slightly different, giving each bar its own unique design.

Handmade soap makes a great gift and is especially popular for the ladies at a baby shower, bridal shower or bachelorette, or even for the bride as a wedding gift. We can also customise a Soap Gift Bag, Soap Gift Pack or Soap Gift Box for you. Event organisers who want to buy personalised gifts for a party or event can contact us for a customised quote.